Month: December 2016


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LION A young man struggles with the uncertainty of his birth family in this powerful, true story and first feature from director Garth Davis.  Five-year-old Saroo lives with his single mother, older brother and baby sister in desolate poverty in a northern Indian village.  He loves to tag along with his brother as he tries […]


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PASSENGERS Book passage on the Avalon, a luxury interstellar cruise ship headed for one of the gorgeous, beckoning new Earth-like outposts.  Book coach or first class, either way, you’re going into hibernation for 120 years, the time it takes to make the journey.  It’s pretty much a one way ticket, because no matter how nice […]


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LA LA LAND I always view a new musical with some trepidation; is it an homage to the golden age MGM musical, a gutless attempt to bring a Broadway smash to the screen, or the beginning of a pretentious new genre?  Damien Chazelle’s La La Land is a bit of an homage, and though it […]