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A Holistic Approach: Using Herbs as Medicine

Dr. Christy Jenkins has over 20 years of experience in the health profession. She has been Board Certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Board and has met all of the qualifications to practice natural health care according to the Committee on Naturopathic Medical Education. She specializes in herbal remedies, detoxification and weight loss management, homeopathic medicine, chronic conditions, and natural health counseling.

Recognizing that people are increasingly seeking answers for their health care needs beyond pharmaceuticals and surgery, Dr. Jenkins has combined her calling to this profession with her passion to see people achieve optimal health.  By blending the best modern medical science with natural medical traditions, she hopes to teach her clients how to become ambassadors of their own health.

“The origin of Herbal Medicine goes back to ancient times. Despite misinformation, Herbal Medicine has been known to heal and reverse dis-ease throughout life,” explains Dr. Jenkins.

“It’s a fact; Herbal Medicine treats the whole person rather than individual symptoms, when compared to synthetic medication. Herbal practitioners such as myself often see the underlying cause of an illness in terms of balance. For example, Herbal Medicine is based on the concept of energy. A person’s illness indicates the body’s imbalance of yin and yang (energy forces). At Naturo Health Solutions, we look for deficiency in the energy flow from organ to cell, from cell to tissue, and from tissue to muscle.”

“Herbal Medicine is often used in combination with Chinese medicine and Homeopathic remedies, which in many cases, can strengthen the effects of synthetic medication,” says Dr. Jenkins. “Herbal Medicine is intended to reestablish harmony and balance in a person’s body by building up the immune system. When the body’s given back what it’s missing, it will heal itself.”

Dr. Jenkins also emphasizes the principle of synergy…combining two or more herbs to produce a greater effect than using a single herb. “Many people find complete relief utilizing the alternative methods of  homeopathic, herbalism and traditional Chinese Medicine.”

For more information, Dr. Jenkins offers free health classes. Contact Naturo Health Solutions at

636-724-5605 or


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