A Survivor

I would like to introduce you to Aaron.  He believes he is 27 years old but is unsure of his exact age or birthday.  Aaron was picked up on December 12, 1988, at a gas station in China.  He was all by himself and was taken to an orphanage.  Since no information was left, the orphanage gave him a birthday of 12-12-88, the day they picked him up.  He was adopted at age 13 by missionaries.  He now lives in the Foundations of Love Home.  

Foundations of Love (FOL) is a local non-profit organization in St. Charles County that strives to give adults like Aaron a stable place to live while helping them maintain their dignity.  FOL provides a traditional home environment for three men.  They serve as advocates, collaborating with the community, businesses, and service providers to help enhance the quality of their lives.

In addition to providing a home, they grant wishes twice a year through their Wishing Well Program. The primary objective is to fulfill wishes for low-income adults with developmental disabilities in an effort to enhance their quality of life and their living environment.  Many of these wishes are items we take for granted in our everyday lives (alarm clock, towels, clothes for work, etc.).

Foundations of Love is always looking for donors, sponsors, and volunteers.  For more information on Foundations of Love, please visit www.FOUNDATIONSOFLOVE.ORG.

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