Shop KC!

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MARCH 29 – APRIL 1, 2017 Kansas City Fashion week took place March 29-April 1st, 2017. BoutiqueNAV took to the road to support our designer friends and to check out other emerging, talented designers featured each night. During our whirlwind few days we visited some amazing local boutiques in the area and met new friends along the way. […]

Visualizing Luck

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We’ve all said the words “Good Luck” at some point in our lives, whether is it because we truly believe in it or because it’s simply a habit. But we all understand the concept. In some ways, luck is a way to have hope in a potential outcome. When there’s something we hope will happen, […]


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LIFE Those guys in the International Space Station knew they couldn’t just get away with doing groundbreaking scientific work and basking in all those stunning, soul-stirring views of Earth.  Sooner or later, something’s going down.  Life is a tight little sci-fi/horror flick that manages to effectively mash up Alien and Gravity.  It neither reaches for […]