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A CURE FOR WELLNESS Don’t those creepy previews intrigue you?  With the distorted music, the clever come-on of a pharmaceutical ad, the offbeat and alluring girl?  Don’t you want to see what the “cure” is all about?  Be careful….the cure might be what ails you. Lockhart (Dane DeHaan), a young financial executive, is sent (or, […]

The Red Turtle

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THE RED TURTLE As simple and beautiful as a classic, wordless children’s picture book, this animated allegory of man’s life is at once a curative treat to watch and a bit of a chore to truly admire.  The story of a suddenly shipwrecked man washed up on a deserted island, it is beautifully hand drawn; […]

Local Looks Lovely on You!

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Show your local LOVE!  From the dramatic to the sweet, you’ll find the perfect look from local boutiques and designers in the area.  Here are a few top picks that will have you feeling, and looking, your loveliest!  Find them all on www.boutiquenav.com   SEND US YOUR LOVELY LOCAL LOOK FOR FEBRUARY 2017 BY FOLLOWING THE STEPS BELOW AND WE MAY […]