Visualizing Luck

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We’ve all said the words “Good Luck” at some point in our lives, whether is it because we truly believe in it or because it’s simply a habit. But we all understand the concept. In some ways, luck is a way to have hope in a potential outcome. When there’s something we hope will happen, […]


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LIFE Those guys in the International Space Station knew they couldn’t just get away with doing groundbreaking scientific work and basking in all those stunning, soul-stirring views of Earth.  Sooner or later, something’s going down.  Life is a tight little sci-fi/horror flick that manages to effectively mash up Alien and Gravity.  It neither reaches for […]


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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Disney has nearly perfected a sure-fire formula for cannibalizing its classic legacy, turning its signature animated treasures into live-action movies for a new, 3D-ready generation.  Bill Condon’s Beauty and the Beast, like Kenneth Brannagh’s live action Cinderella, manages to hit all the right notes in preserving the iconic scenes and heart-tugs […]


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KONG: SKULL ISLAND Ape-pocalypse Now! I love the smell of ape palm in the morning. Kong: Skull Island is set in 1973, at the messy end of the Vietnam war.  We know this because of helicopters and 60s rock music.  The story hastily introduces a team of scientists under the direction of Bill Randa (John […]

Beauty Files

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Non-Surgical “Facelift” Introducing Cosmetic Microcurrent   Has your face fallen & can’t get up? I know, wrinkles & aging are no laughing matter. Some go to great lengths, even surgery, to fight the natural aging process. Did you know there is an alternative to expensive & invasive cosmetic surgery? Would you like to look tighter, […]