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BusinessScape Spotlight: STL Language Arts

STL Language Arts is a company that specializes in Foreign Language Education. The company was started in February 2017 by two millennials that wanted to set themselves apart from other industries in the Saint Louis area, so being that there are not many foreign language schools in Saint Louis, the founders decided to start one on Main Street in Saint Charles, within OPO Startups.

STL Language Arts wants all individuals to have the opportunity to expand their language knowledge for a decent price and in a convenient location, as well as to feel excited about what they’re learning. The company strives to offer education of Foreign Languages by providing new ways to learn. And affordability and convenience being a crucial part to the company’s foundation, it offers a variety of ways to pay its low rates.

The company also believes in giving back to the community. It donates toys to kids fighting cancer through the charity, Friends of Kids with Cancer and the Good Meets World community. Aside from charities, they also reach out to schools–donating their time to students to educate them about entrepreneurship.

STL Language Arts believes in changing the world by increasing the understanding and knowledge of varying cultures and tongues, as well as reaching out to give a helping hand.

For more information, visit or call (314) 601-2672.


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