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Chef Profile: The Lost Whiskey

Trell Tompkin, the chef of The Lost Whiskey, describes his Pork Steak dinner as “24 ounces of cotton candy (melt in your mouth) meat.” And when asked how he became so skilled at preparing it, his explanation was (as only Trell could tell it): ”Some say you have to put in 10,000 hours to become an expert at something…well, I’ve got like 100,000 hours into this.”

Trell is part of the 3-owner team at The Lost Whiskey, a new restaurant that opened recently at 142 North Main Street in St Charles. Trell was previously the Chef and General Manager at The Lou Eats & Drinks (formerly Joey B’s),

which is owned by Paula Zingrich. Paula also owns Peppers in St Louis, where she started as a bartender, worked her way to GM, then owner. She bought The Lou Eats & Drinks a year later, where she met Trell, who had been there 14 years as a chef and more recently, the GM. She also met and worked with Tory Knight, a young waitress, and bartender, whom she continued to develop and help learn the ropes of the food & beverage industry.

When Paula was ready to buy her third restaurant, on Main Street in St Charles, she invited Trell and Tory to form a business partnership and now the trio own and run The Lost Whiskey.

“Paula is the hardest-working woman I know,” said Tory. “She’s been my friend and mentor and she’s just awesome.

She’s given me so many opportunities to grow and learn, and now to own my own business at a very young age.”

So what else is The Lost Whiskey known for? You’ll know when you visit and try the Lost Whiskey burger, which sits between 2 pretzels, loaded with its special sauce. Or try the Whiskey Peppercorn Steak, with the Main Street Mac & Cheese, which is the “Chef’s Special,” varying ingredients daily).

Besides the delicious food, The Lost Whiskey serves up excellent, unique cocktails…and will provide entertainment on weekends, which may include a DJ or Karaoke. They also feature discount nights for First Responders.

And why name it “The Lost Whiskey?” Well, for that story, you’ll have to come in and read the menu or ask one of the owners to share it. It’s a good one.

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