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Cool Touch Graphics

Photos courtesy of Eric Schwab

Custom rims and tires, the latest audio/video equipment, and pushing the limits in customizing vehicles is a world all too familiar to Cool Touch founder Eric Schwab. This environment was exciting and cutting edge but it all came to a screeching halt when the shop caught fire in late 2009.

Forced to find another job quickly, Eric took a position with a local trucking company working in the Safety department. While this job paid the bills, it wasn’t fulfilling the passion he had left behind, which pushed him to make a move. While continuing to work at the trucking company, Eric and his wife, Veronica, had the idea to get in touch with a window tinter Eric previously worked with and together they started Cool Touch Window Tinting.

The drive to make this new venture work had Eric and Veronica moving full steam ahead. Veronica saw the vision Eric had and together they made the first big purchase for the business with a vinyl plotter and a digital printer. With the addition of this equipment, it became obvious they were quickly outgrowing the garage of their home which was serving as headquarters for Cool Touch Window Tinting. The search was underway for a building!

Since Eric was also holding down his full-time job with the trucking company, he saw the potential on a daily basis for the need for vehicle graphics. The printer that was purchased was just the tool he needed to open that window of opportunity. Thankfully, Eric and Veronica found a building off Central School Road by October 2010 where Cool Touch Window Tinting blossomed into a company that not just tinted windows but also produced vehicle graphics and sold custom rims and tires along with audio/video equipment.

Business was booming, but keeping up with so many products and services earned Eric the title of “Jack of all Trades” by many of his customers. It didn’t take long for the pair to see the potential in the vehicle graphic part of their business, and in 2013, they made the strategic decision to focus on this part of their business. Trading the Jack of all Trades title in, Eric became more driven than ever to become a master in vehicle graphics.

The next step in their newly-focused business was to grow their team with knowledgeable people under a new name, Cool Touch Graphics. They brought on a salesperson and graphic designer and really hit the ground running. Momentum was building and they soon added someone to run production and install the graphics.

A few years went by and their 1600 sq ft building was becoming too small to handle the large vehicles they were installing graphics on. In March 2015, they moved to a new 4000 sq ft building that could support their full-service graphics business.

What started as a graphics business that produced small decal packages has grown into a business that offers logo design, graphic design, marketing materials (design and production), window and wall graphics, full wraps on any size vehicle or trailer and a variety of signage. Eric and Veronica now have a staff of 12 people and just this year has expanded their space to 8000 sq ft.

Cool Touch Graphics has made a name for itself locally as a high-quality graphic business and has proven they are a player in the vehicle graphics industry. They have earned the respect of companies from markets as far west as Kansas City and will be venturing into the Nashville market later this year.

The story of Cool Touch Graphics is just getting started and Eric and Veronica are excited to see what lies in the future for their company. You can keep up with all the exciting things going on at Cool Touch Graphics by following them on Facebook and Instagram.


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