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How to Makeover Your Living Space

It happens when you least expect it.  You look around your favorite rooms and discover that you are tired of everything you own. Your living space no longer appeals to your senses. There is nowhere to add anything new, not enough money to start from scratch and you feel incapable of making the changes necessary to breathe life into your home.

You could, of course, hire an interior decorator if you are prepared to purchase all the goods to complete your makeover. Or with the guidance of some of your favorite “idea people” at April’s on Main and Designs by Ave’ it is possible that you could learn to rearrange, landscape, group and layer your existing décor so that it takes on a whole new feel. These techniques will most likely minimize the amount of space used and allow for the addition of missing elements needed to make you smile again.

Before moving everything around you should decide if your paint color needs a facelift. If so, consider really altering it.  That’s right – not changing to another neutral color that works with everything, but rather a deeper, brighter color that compliments your current furniture and accessories.  We have a variety of wall colors in our stores and are continually amazed at the range of responses elicited by simply hanging a picture on different paint colors. Paint is cheap but it can really be a mood setter.  So while everyone is going with multiple shades of grey, try something outside the typical choice that really shows your personality.

Once you are ready to make placement changes, identify the pieces of furniture that are visual rather than functional. You can have the most fun when there are no restrictions. Large mantels, sofa tables and low cabinets provide nice surfaces and wall space. Begin with the largest elements and keep in mind that wall art does not need to be hung. What you layer/landscape in front of pictures may be relative to the art itself. If your picture is abstract you can choose mirrors, metals, or other artwork showcased in front of or leaning into the backdrop. When working around a beautiful landscape painting, try to incorporate items that give you the feel of dimension, like trees, flowers, lanterns, birds and animals. Work other elements in and around the main focal point to enrich the area and soften the edges. This technique may use up more items than originally displayed and free up space for something new.

Shelving is another area that can be difficult to arrange.  Built in bookshelves on opposite sides of a fireplace are among the places that cause customers the most struggle. Most notably this is the area that gathers all the small gifts, collectibles and heirlooms passed down from our relatives. It is easy to get tired of trying to make sense out of all these unrelated items.  But it can be done. Start first by grouping items that make sense together. You very likely can pull items from multiple shelves and landscape them into a single shelf, freeing up more space.  Some items deserve solo placement while others are best shown in a grouping. Solid green orbs or something similar on various shelves will give your eyes a break from all the decorations and provide some continuity.

Coffee table trays are a great way to encapsulate an assortment of decorations within a specific space. People are often perplexed as to what to do with them.  You can consider the similar technique as applied to your sofa table or your shelves but should keep in mind that this is an area that will be seen all around.  Develop your grouping with varying heights, colors and textures.

Unless you are planning to buy new upholstered furniture (we can help with that, too), colorful pillows are a common remedy in updating your look. Of course if you already opted for a more vibrant wall color you will probably want the pillows to change as well.  Any florals that are no longer impressive can be made over or replaced using the same container.  David, our floral designer is outstanding when it comes to perking up old arrangements.

April’s staff is always ready to offer up suggestions to assist you in creating a home that makes you glad you live there. We love it when customers bring pictures, swatches and dimensions of their concerns.  Remember to capture photos of surrounding areas so we can fully visualize your style and colors. We are here to help you in the store but for more detailed assistance, we make house calls.

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