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TLC Features St. Charles Wedding Expert, Sheri Jo Steffens


    October 28, 2017 – Heart of St. Charles Great Ballroom

    Take a 360 tour of their wedding:

  • Owner of Heart Events gifts weddings to family members to honor deceased sister

St. L


    November 4, 2017 – Le Belle Coeur

    Take a 360 tour of their wedding:


    December 1, 2017 – Old Stone Chapel

    Take a 360 tour of their wedding:


    December 30, 2017 – Heart of St. Charles Grand Ballroom

    Take a 360 tour of their wedding:

In 2005, Kelly Willis lost her battle to breast cancer. Over a decade later, her family received an amazing gift.

Kelly’s sister, Sheri Jo Steffens, is a wedding expert and owner of Heart Events in St. Charles, Missouri. In honor of her late sister, Sheri gifted four weddings to her sister’s children, their cousin, and their friend.

The producers of TLC’s hit show, Four Weddings, caught wind of this incredible gift and asked Sheri and her family to be on the show.

“The show approached us while we were in the midst of planning these extraordinary events, and the station loved these couples and these stories,” said Steffens. “I know my sister was with us as this all came together.”

Billy Willis (who marries Ashley on the episode) is Steffens’ nephew, Maggie Arendt (who marries Brian on the episode) is her niece. Steffens’ sister (Maggie and Billy’s mother) died of breast cancer in 2005 when Maggie was 13 and Billy was 15.

Katharyn Johnson (who marries Dominick on the episode) is Steffens’ other sister’s daughter; Lexi Englebach (who marries Brent on the show) is a close family friend.

Four Weddings encourages healthy nuptial planning competition. Each episode follows four brides as they plan their own weddings and attend each other’s nuptials. At the end, they must vote on which wedding “wins;” that couple is then gifted a dream honeymoon. Usually, the series features multiple locations, event planners, and vendors.

This episode, however, is unique. Not only because of the story, but also because all the weddings were planned and executed by Steffens and her team at Heart Events; they also all took place at one of Heart Events’ three venues.

“I’m excited for my nieces, my nephew, and their friend, and I’m excited to nationally showcase what Heart Events made possible for them and what my company makes possible for couples every day,” said Steffens. “These young men and women have faced a variety of obstacles in their lives and have come out on the other side to find love and happiness. It was my passion and joy to do this for them—and to do it in memory of my sister.”

Heart Events is well known for innovation, details, and facilitating the seemingly impossible. As leaders in wedding, event, and banquet planning in the St. Charles and St. Louis areas, Heart Events is known for passion, precision, and innovation. For almost three decades, Heart Events has listened to clients and then transformed their vision into reality for their big day. As the company has grown, so have their offerings. Heart Events features three sought-after, versatile wedding and reception venues including Heart of St. Charles, Old Stone Chapel, and Le Belle Coeur. In addition, Heart Events plans destination weddings and celebrations with partners throughout the U.S.

And, this is not the first time Steffens’ heart has guided Heart Events. Annually, the company selects several “Cinderella Brides”—brides with extraordinary circumstances that qualify them for a no-cost dream wedding and reception. The brides put complete trust in Steffens and the Heart Events’ team; they see the reception room and wedding venue for the first time the night before their big day.

“We are in the business of celebrations,” said Steffens. “We give back as an extension of that—to celebrate humanity.”

Don’t miss this local wedding celebrity’s heartwarming story on TLC’s Four Weddings July 21 at 7:00 p.m. CST!

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