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SSM Health Opens Treatment & Recovery Program

In response to the growing issue of addiction in our community, SSM Health has launched a new service line dedicated to substance use disorders that provides patients a pathway to sobriety.

Located at SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital – St. Charles, SSM Health Treatment & Recovery utilizes a unique, hospital-based program focusing on addressing the underlying issues and triggers of drug and alcohol dependency. It takes a holistic approach to treating the mind, body and spirit, and provides transitional treatment services that help patients develop skills to confront their individual challenges and achieve lasting sobriety.

This is a voluntary program in which patients are expected to demonstrate a willingness to get sober and address the root causes of their addiction. Consisting of an array of inpatient and outpatient services, the program treats individuals over 18 years of age and is specifically geared toward working adults committed to understanding the circumstances of their addiction, preventing relapses, and regaining a functional lifestyle.

Because it is a hospital-based program, the facility is equipped to handle acute medical needs while treating addiction in a controlled, comfortable and home-like environment. Patients have access to on-site physicians; professionally licensed pharmacists to assist with medication reconciliation; dieticians to assist with dietary needs that may have been neglected; and pastoral care chaplains to address spiritual needs.

In addition to traditional 12-step programs, SSM Health Treatment & Recovery employs cognitive, dynamic, expressive, family and mindfulness therapies conducted by certified, masters-level therapists. Relapse prevention therapies utilize role play to address anger management issues and help patients understand how to connect with AA groups and obtain sponsorships to establish a meaningful program of recovery. One technique known as trauma-informed care addresses post-traumatic stress disorders by exploring triggers in a safe and controlled setting.

Individuals who complete the inpatient program have the option of transitioning to an intensive outpatient program for continued treatment. This allows SSM Health therapists to build cohesive, therapeutic relationships with patients based on their individual needs. These ongoing services carry the individual through the recovery process up to 6-8 months beyond their inpatient stay.

Managed Medicaid plans cover the full scope of inpatient services for SSM Health Treatment & Recovery. Patients who have either traditional or managed Medicaid will be admitted for an inpatient stay, with appropriate approvals from managed Medicaid and traditional Medicaid. The program’s inpatient care encompasses detox and medical stabilization.

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