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Sweet Suite Retreat

You cooked, you shopped, you wrapped, you decorated, you drove, you smiled, you shopped some more, wrapped some more, and kept the smile on our face.  Now the holidays are over, the company is gone, the decorations are packed, and it’s back to work.  (What! All of that wasn’t work?)  

At some point, you have probably yearned for a place of tranquil reflections and peaceful repose; a place that lets you get away from the chaos and be quiet for a little while.  Everyone deserves at least a little corner of their world to recharge their batteries.  Your bedroom is, or should be, that haven!

If your bedroom doesn’t offer you a respite from the hustle and bustle of the day, then now is the time to transform it.  The time and money you invest now will pay off in big dividends in the future.  Especially if it means you will be a little less stressed and better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.  

Here are three key ingredients of a sweet retreat:


Too many things in the room will distract you or overload your senses when you are trying to relax.  Your eye will move from one item to another, stimulating your senses even when you aren’t aware of it. De-cluttering can have the biggest impact in creating a retreat, and it costs nothing except time to do it.  

Review every item in your bedroom and decide if you need it in your retreat.  This is not the room you should use for watching the news (when is the last time THAT was relaxing?) or folding the laundry.  If your dresser and closet are overflowing onto the floor of your room, it is time to wean the wardrobe down to only what you have room to properly store.  You can store off-season clothing in plastic bins, but don’t keep the bins on the floor of your bedroom.  Move all unnecessary trinkets off of your dresser.  Simplifying the space is the single most important thing you can do for yourself to create that peaceful atmosphere.  If you just can’t do it yourself, call a friend or a professional organizer to help you.  

Now you are ready to personalize your space.


In your search for solitude, you might consider using Mother Nature’s color palette.  There’s nothing quite as calming as bringing the outdoors in.  Blues and greens from nature are some of the most relaxing colors.  Using colors from the sky, water, and plants may be as close as your bedroom will get to a quiet forest or a still pond, or it may just reflect the view out your window.  

Variations on blue, such as blue-grey or purple, can accomplish the same effect.  Try staying away from “hot” colors, such as orange or red, except as accent colors.

Since the bed is usually the center of attention, your bedding will set the tone and color scheme for the room.  Pick your color and pamper yourself with bedding that provides comfort and fits your sense of luxury, whether that is smooth cotton sateen, plush faux fur or silky soft pleats.  If your idea of a cozy retreat is an unmade bed, then invest in a perfectly wonderful set of sheets.  If you like lots of pillows to prop yourself up and read, then select an odd number of accent pillows in a variety of textures and shapes.


Visualize the types of activities you will want to conduct in your personal get-away haven – letter writing, reading, drinking coffee, morning meditation, or a late-night glass of wine – all types of activities that require peace and quiet to enjoy.  Then ask yourself….can your bedroom, with the given amount of space you have, accommodate all of these needs?  The answer is usually yes, although you may need to take advantage of some clever pre-planning.  You may need a reading chair or a chaise lounge.  How about a small desk or an electric fireplace?  Somewhere in your bedroom, you can find the space for your little haven.

Decorating your dream bedroom can be fun and special.  You deserve to wake up each day to a beautifully appointed bedroom, and to enjoy the end of the day in peace.   So, by all means, let your imagination and creativity be your guide.  The SWAT Design Team can work with you to provide everything you need to create your very own special retreat.  From draperies to bedspreads, accessories to new furniture – we have it all!

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