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The Weather Outside is Frightful

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire is a wonderful Winter vision.  So is hot chocolate.  Warm cookies.  Building snowmen and making snow angels. Snowball fights. Jack Frost nipping at your nose!   

I mean, who doesn’t love winter?  Well, your skin, for one. With the vicious cycle of cold and wind from traipsing around outside and then the dry indoor heat, your poor protective layer doesn’t stand a chance against cracking and drying out this winter.  While some consider the winter months, with snow and heavy coats, delightful, there is no denying your skin needs help.

We went straight to the source of Winter and reached out to St. Charles’ own Jack Frost, for some winter related tips and tricks on keeping your skin fresh-looking. He is, after all, responsible for frosty weather, nipping the nose and toes in such weather, and leaving fernlike patterns on cold windows in Winter. For more than twelve years, Ryan Cooper has played Jack Frost during the St. Charles Christmas Traditions event and has seen his share of cold, dry weather.  

Since not everybody is as lucky as Jack to have good elf genes, we wanted to share some of his secrets to taking care of your chapped Winter skin:

  • Use “cold” cream at night to maintain the blue hue in your skin.
  • Eat well – plenty of iceberg lettuce to keep your energy.
  • Use a good shampoo to prevent a flaky scalp that could create a snow storm.

The question we always have after a few months of Jack bringing us cold weather is how long it will last.  Will we have a long Winter?  Or early Spring?  Will Jack bring his twenty-degree warriors for another six weeks, or will Susie Sunshine send Jack back to the North Pole?  We asked Jack some questions on the subject.

  1.  How do you feel about Phil the Groundhog predicting the length of Winter by seeing or not seeing his shadow?  
  2. I don’t blame Phil for wanting to join in the Winter fun…but we all know who REALLY calls the shots when it comes to how long Winter will last. So, while it’s frustrating that he’s trying to steal my thunder, one-day people will come to appreciate that it is, in fact, my shadow that he’s standing in… literally.

Q:  Does Phil consult with you?

A:  No. Phil does not consult with me. Bill Murray makes one film about you, and all of a sudden, he’s too good for everybody else. What a rat!

Q:  How do you determine the length of Winter months…and who gets snow and who doesn’t?

A:  Of course if I had my way, Winter would last all year round, but unfortunately Mother Nature has final say. She is constantly reminding me that “Mother knows best.” In terms of snow accumulation, I have a bit of a trollish side. Everyone is always giving me requests for a “white Christmas” (thanks, Bing Crosby!) So, I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to bring snow to people when it is most inconvenient. Have to get to the airport to catch a flight to your Caribbean vacation? Here’s a blizzard… Want to get the kids out of your hair? Boom! Have a week of snow days. The North East United States is always a busy place…that’s why I essentially nominate them for the Ice Bucket Challenge every year.  

Q: Where do you vacation during the summer?

A: My main residence is in the North Pole, but when it comes time for the summer months, I head down to the southern hemisphere where it’s Winter. I have an igloo at the South Pole. So, I guess you could say I’m Bi-Polar.

While this information may not be what you wanted to hear, at least you know who to thank for the cold Winter days.

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